My transcriptions of the famous Adagietto from Mahler's Fifth Symphony and Nun seh ich wohl from Kindertotenlieder are the fruit of my labors while in residence at the Chateau de Montigne in the Vallee du Loire in France in 1989. What distinguishes this transcription from others is my refusal to compromise Mahler's original score. It is in effect a literal translation. Every effort was made to preserve the proportions of instrumental registration and texture in an effort to duplicate orchestral timbres. Re-arrangement of voicing or the adding of notes or chords just to conform to the conventions of romantic piano music have been avoided, save for those places where the specific demands of the instrument required compromise and accommodation.

I have also preserved Mahler's dynamic markings, including crescendos and decrescendos that govern a single pitch or unisons where, in the original, the strings swell or diminish the sound. Obviously, the piano is incapable of such gradations, because the rapid decay of pitch is a natural property of the instrument; it cannot be manipulated at will, at least to the extent it can be on a string or wind instrument, or with the voice. Thus for the pianist, these dynamics must be regarded as informing the music's psychological content; he must imagine its decays and swells. Aside from imparting subtle effects on the work's rhythmic character, articulation will also benefit, insofar as the player will be better prepared to manipulate the flow of thematic material, as well as the onset and release of individual pitches and chords- their entrances and exits, if you will.

This transcription will be a valuable addition to private and institutional music libraries, as well as a useful aid for conductors, music theorists and researchers. .

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Originally a song penned by Nietzsche in 1862, when he was only 13, Unendlich is a lyrical, Schumanesque affair that makes a charming encore.

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