Salon of the Château de la Fontaine in Montigné-les-Rairies, France. It was here that I lived and penned my transcription of Mahler's Adagietto in 1989.

Aerial view of the Château de la Fontaine, Montigné-les-Rairies, France. My suite here was in the western most top floor turret.

Looking svelt at the Château de Preaux in Normandy, the family estate of my friend and real estate partner, Philippe Mahler, on the occasion of his wedding, 1985.

Mount Melungtse, Himalayas (7181 m). To posthumously fullfill Scriabin's dying wish to have his music performed in the Himalayas, my friend, the alpinist Carlos Buhler broadcast my recording of Scriabin's 7th Sonata from the summit of this mountain in August 1999.

Mark Price and Carlos Buhler atop Mount Melungtse in the Himalayas, holding a banner of the cover art of Prisms. It was here that Carlos and his team broadcast my recording of Scriabin's Seventh Sonata to the stratosphere, posthumously fulfilling Scriabin's dying wish to have his music performed in the Himalayas. Photo credit: Carlos Buhler. Cover art design by Krea



First page of my transcription of Mahler's Adagietto


Making a point to a critic over vodka and an interview, backstage at the Bielozielsky-Bielozyersky Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1994.

Posing at the Skylight Gallery, New York City circa 1985.

A fine photo by Christian Steiner circa 1983.

At the piano, New York 1985

Looking reflective on Sutton Place, New York after returning from London, 1977. Photo by Roberta Martinez Krieger.

Looking friendly and intelligent through the always reliable lens of Christian Steiner.

What's that in my hand? Guess! The wool cap was a gift from Lord Montagu…New York, 1977.
Photo by Roberta Martinez Krieger

Practicing at the Skylight Gallery, New York. Sculpture by Selene Fung.

Getting ready for my London debut, Christchurch Spitalfields, May 1977.

Still innocent and practicing at age 12, New York, 1965.

Not too deep in thought,
New York 1985

Being lazy at home in New York, 1984

Only 19 and enjoying my youth. In a New York loft, 1972.

Innocence not yet lost: at age 5


John Bell Young with pianists Dag Achatz and Albert Sassmann, and Marie
Achatz at the Summer Palace of the Emperor in Beijing, August 2001.

John Bell Young, Beijing, August 2001.

From rehearasal at Forbidden City Concert Hall

JBY at the Great Wall of China, July 2001

IN MEMORIAM 9/11/2001

NEW YORK CITY, 11 September 2001

See John Bell Young's memoire, AFTERMATH,

JBY hands out hardhats to rescue workers and firemen, West Side Highway, New York, September 12, 2001

Flags and candles form a shrine to the WTC victims at Washington Square Park, September 12, 2001.

"Camp Clarkson":, our supply and distribution camp along the West Side Highway to aid firemen, police and rescue workers. New York. September 12-20, 2001.

A young man pays tribute at a canadlelight vigil.
Washington Square Park, New York. September 12, 2001

The Statue of Liberty in the aftermath of the attack..
"I recall in particular the face of one young man, at a candlelight vigil in Washington Square Park, that bespoke utter desolation.
Listlessly slumped in the consoling embrace of his girlfriend, a single tear streamed slowly and uneasily towards his chin. He conveyed the unmistakable impression of one who was either a close friend or relative of a victim. His eyes were indescribably lonely and hauntingly distant. He radiated the poignant look of one unfulfilled, as if he were grasping at a thousand good-byes that he never had the chance to say. His look, so intense and solemn, penetrated me to the core, though he had no idea I was even observing him. He looked south towards the smoky remains of the World Trade Center, over and beyond the thousands of candles softly illuminating the no less tortured stares of those commemorating the tragedy. At that moment, it seemed to me as if he were looking for the one person in this world he may have loved but who had become, in the
space of a few moments, only a memory."



Paying my respects at the grave of Chopin, Pere la Chaise, Paris 1989

Inspecting the staircase of my new apartment in the Marais, Paris. 1986.

Listening to Mahler's Das Lied von die Erde, Ginseng Island, Port of Beijing, China. 1979.

8 rue de Jarente, Paris. My apartment is at the top of this building.


The jewel box cover art from my recordings of Nietzsche's music, Newport Classics label

The philosopher himself, Friedrich Nietzsche.

The cover of the of my first Nietzsche CD.


A drawing of Margarita Fyodorova and me in concert at the Scriabin Museum, Moscow , 1992.

Signing autographs after a recital in St. Petersburg, Russia 1992.

Playing Chopin aboard an open tour boat afloat on the canals of Amsterdam, 1977. This is a still from the television documentary John Bell Young, Sweet Summer Concert, Amsterdam

Program from my recital at the Riga Philharmonic, Latvia 1992

Riga Philharmonic Hall, Latvia

In concert at Beaulieu Abbey on the estate of Lord Montagu, Hampshire, UK. June 1999


With Hugh Downs (at the piano), and friends Alexander Zacharias and Dr. Averill Summer at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida 1997.

With Hugh and Ruth Downs, St. Petersburg, Florida 1997


With Geishas aboard the QE2, Kobe, Japan 1978

Rehearsing in Florida with Margarita Fyodorova, 1995

With Constance Keene 1991. Photo by Greg Griffin

With the American composer Peter Robles, St. Petersburg, Russia 1992.

With my old friend Lord Montagu at his 14th century castle at Beaulieu, Hampshire, OK. June 1999.

With the distinguished playwright Peter Shaffer (Amadeus, Equus) and Joanna Porackovy after our recital at Beaulieu Abbey, estate of Lord Montagu. June 12, 1999

with Gian Carlo Menotti and Joanna Porackova at the Kennedy Center, on the occassion of Ms. Porackova's debut with the Washington Opera as Magda in Menotti's "The Consul"

At Glyndebourne with Joanna Porackova and Sir Charles Mackerras, folowing her audition, June 1999.

Joanna Porackova


Putney School's brochure.

Putney School as viewed from the air.

Putney`s Barn and Pond, where I spent many idyllic days shoveling cowshit and washing it off later.

Though it`s not as Jackie O as it sounds, the East Lawn was a haven for lazy students on lazy days.

What can I say - it was 1971! That`s me in the rear center, sporting a mound of hair and holding a volume of Chopin.

Warm and welcoming, the Main Building was a place to hang one`s hat by the hearth in mid-winter of rehearse chamber music in the spring.


With Marina Scriabine (center),
daughter of the composer, and
Mme. De Schloezer, daughter of
the Boris de Schloezer.
Cap d'Ail, France, 1983.

Alexander Scriabin circa 1905

with Michael York and John Bell Young

A photo diary of their collaboration for thir recording of Richard Strauss's melodrama, set to the poem of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to be released by Americus Records in October 2002.

Michel York and John Bell Young at Malibu

Photos by John DesMarteau and Mark Crosby

Michael York and John Bell Young

In rehearsal of Enoch Arden

Taking a break at Sound Castle recording studio, Los Angeles

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